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Soothing Performance Liniment/S.O.S. Testimonials

Veterinarian Endorsed by DVM Jodie Vetter, Colorado.

Woman with Horse

Hi Laurie,

My husband brought the spray bottle of SOS to my home. I have two older Cocker Spaniels (9 and 14). One of the dogs had just started on an anti-inflamatory meds so, I was wondering how I would how I would be able to know which product was helping her if I saw a difference...well, with both products I noticed an immediate difference in her being able to bare weight on her right back leg (which she had been favoring by pulling it up). One day I had gotten too busy to apply the SOS and noticed that she was pulling her leg up and favoring it again...ahaa! soon as I applied the SOS spray to her leg....she put it down and walked with that leg in full use. That was amazing! With th egreat results on both dogs......I'm Excited to try this product with my 94 year-old mom who has arthritic cramping in the joints of her left hand....I'll let you know the results!

Thank you!

Marcie, Colorado

Lost Creek Friesian Sport horses uses S.O.S. on a daily bases. With 25 head of horses we see a lot of different things. We put S.O..S. on and notice a difference in the animals right away. After a work out, they can get sore in the knees and legs. We rub the S.O.S. in and see instant results.

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