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Natural Mare Care

Natural Progesterone Cream for Horses - 4 ounce/6000mg
PMS(Pissy Mare Syndrome), Fertility, Aids in regulating Mares Cycle

Hormone therapy is often used to regulate or halt a mare’s cycles. The usual procedure is to give progesterone–the hormone produced by a pregnant mare to stop her heat cycles and keep her pregnant It is also the hormone that controls her between-heats (di-estrus) behavior, when she shows no sexual receptiveness.

Directions: Apply 1 tsp to the Vulva area or Teats of the mare once a day. Can be increased to 2 times a day if needed. Do not use on Teats if a lactating mare.


Distilled Water: Pure Water

Nettle: Stimulates circulation, used for years for rheumatoid arthritis, anti-inflammatory (prevents the body from making inflammatory chemicals known as prostaglandin). Is a natural pain reliever, and a blood builder, is very high in iron, and potassium.

Natural BioIdentical Progesterone: 6000mg/4oz. Derived from plant hormones. Processed using a proprietary process.

Aloe Vera: Penetrates, and accelerates healing, pain relief.

Sunflower Oil: Has very soothing properties.

Stearic Acid: Derived from plants, used as a thickener.

Coconut: Small molecular structure allows for easy absorption. Microbial

Emulsifying Wax: Derived from plants, used as a thickener.

Glycerin: Derived from plants, moisturizes.

Lavender: Very soothing, natural pain reliever, anti-inflammatory properties.

Germaben II: Preservative.

Citric Acid: Is plant based, and is a thickener.